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We will:

  1. Keep abreast of environmental practices and encourage our colleagues, suppliers and customers accordingly.

  2. Continuously strive to reduce the company's consumption of energy, fuel and resources in the running of our business.

  3. Strive, with continuous reviews, to re-use things instead of replacing with new.

  4. Ensure selection of equipment and consumables for procurement fully takes into account any environmental impact.

  5. Ensure all recyclables are sorted and sent to responsible recycling facilities.

  6. Ensure disposal of equipment and cartridges is through the best available channel for reuse, repair or recycling.

  7. Ensure that potentially hazardous waste (eg batteries and paints) are disposed of following the recommended procedures for best practice.

  8. Whenever possible use and encourage others to use electronic communication in place of the physical transport of mail or artifacts and only print documents if this is unavoidable.

  9. Whenever possible use bicycles or share transport to and from work.

  10. Consider any business activity of our customers or suppliers which involves our company and which may be unnecessarily harmful to the environment and openly discuss and agree what action our company should take.